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Power Flush and Fluid Exchange System

The BG PF5 Power Flush and Fluid Exchange System dissolves and removes harmful deposits from criti-cal transmission components and exchanges the old, oxidized ATF for new fluid of the exact specifications required by the car manufacturer in about 5–7 minutes. No other equipment is simpler to operate. Once the connection is made between the BG PF5 and the vehicle, the operator turns on the process.

The BG PF5 is fully automatic and requires no further monitoring. There are no adjustments required, no tanks to monitor and the transmission remains full throughout the process. When the exchange is complete the unit simply goes on bypass and sends the incoming new fluid through its normal route back to the transmission. The old fluid is safely captured inside the unit where it will remain until it’s time to refill for the next service.

The BG PF5 has no power supply of any kind and no scheduled maintenance is required. It comes complete with all the adapters needed to hook up to almost any type of vehicle. It can be recharged just before the next service, allowing the unit to be loaded with the exact spec fluid required for each service. Recharging takes only a couple of minutes and can be done from a pressurized ATF source or it can be filled manually quite easily. With a footprint of only 29″ x 14,” it’s the perfect system for a crowded shop.


Electronic Specialties 500 Amp
Carbon Pile Load Tester

The carbon pile load tester will perform variable load testing on 12 volt batteries rated as high as 1000 cold cranking amps. Use this battery tester to simulate actual cranking loads. Also tests alternator charging voltage and relative starter current draw. It features large dual meters to display the battery voltage and load current simultaneously during the test.


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